Kitty Kribs

I am Brandon and welcome to my Custom "Kitty Kribs" website. I am 15 years old and the President of "Kitty Kribs". I have always like to build, draw, and create things. Our family adopted two kittens from a local rescue and have always enjoyed playing with them and creating fun things for them to do. Two weeks before Christmas 2015 my dad and I designed and started building a cat tree for our two cats as a Christmas present. I didn't realize it was going to be over seven feet tall with multiple levels including a tree house with bedding, high loft, scratching post and pad, and attached toys for our cats to enjoy. We named this one the "Kitty Kribs Mansion".  I didn't realize at the time this was going to turn into a fun and exciting business. It didn't take long for the cats to make the "Kitty Krib Mansion" their place to play and relax. Since then we have designed and built many Kitty Kribs. We can custom design one to fit your cats perfect needs or you can send us a picture and we can build it any size.  We can build it very plain, fashionable, or to fit your style. See our Gallery of our Custom Style Kribs. We hand build each one to our customer's satisfaction. Our "Kitty Kribs" have Ramps, Scratch Boards, Multi-Level Platforms, Toys, Tunnels, Beds, Hideouts and much more. Our Kribs range from two feet high to seven feet high. We can custom build Kribs right on you walls or in that special spot in your house.  We enjoy working with customers to help create the perfect "Kitty Krib" for their special cat(s).

Our sizes range from 2' High to 7' High. Our prices range from $80 to $450 .  (depending on style and detail)

Pricing includes design and production. Delivery will be an extra cost. We can deliver or you can pick up. 

Email or Call us with questions or to get a quote for your next "Kitty Krib". or 443-570-3011 - Perry Hall, Maryland.