Welcome to "Kitty Kribs" website.  We are a Maryland based company that specializes in designing and producing custom Kitty Kribs. Our Kribs are hand built one by one and produced as a high-quality finished product. Our Kribs are safe and perfect for all size cats.  Kitty Kribs has a wide variety of Kribs in small, medium & large. We can make your Krib any style, color and size. Pick from one of our designs or send us a picture of what you want and we can build it for you. We have many color combinations to choose from or we can create one especially for you. Our costs are very comparable if not lower then the competition. Check out our Gallery for our creative designs.  Every cat should have a special place to play and relax, Kitty Kribs is that special place.

You can contact us through our CONTACT US Menu or:

443-570-3011 - pgawill@aol.com